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I develop the idea of the solution of problems of the Samara shareholders at the expense of a cashback from Sergey Arsentyev and other agents of State Department of his accomplices. I believe that sources of welfare of family of Arsentyev need to be looked for not in «tvoryukhakhotandryukh», and in the corruption income of the former vice-mayor of Samara Sergey Arsentyev.


Many people remember the Samara governor Merkushkin, who for hours broadcast about the hidden fight with State Department and announced area «the main ground for experiments of the western intelligence agencies». Nikolay Ivanovich was sure sacredly that the State Department knows about existence of the Samara region, as well as its own. It was very ridiculous, over the Mordovian idiot not only the area neighed, the whole country laughed loudly to tears.



Merkushkin made the most outright confessions about intrigues of State Department before voters of "arsentyevsky" Oktyabrsky district of Samara. Here Sergey Yuryevich gets out the third decade in a row with a break for work in the Samara mayor's office. I believe that in the life the samaro-Miami major Sergey Arsentyev was never so close to a failure.



The gone mad «Mordovian grandfather» was right — he was really surrounded by the American agents. Moreover, these American agents turned Samara into the pigsty. About guilt of Americans in troubles of Samara I came to a conclusion when I started more detailed study of the second syllable in the name of ZhK «ARGO». My Samara interlocutors prompted that the first syllable Arsentyev is educated from a surname, and the second comes from a surname of Gorbunov, and I will tell about it in more detail



Andrey Leonidovich Gorbunov likes to run business with pensioners. Nadezhda Maremukha (06.02.1955) and Galina Arsentyeva (09.02.1939) enjoys special love of Gorbunov.

Andrey Leonidovich's passion for grandmothers, fortunately, has no physical or platonic character. I believe that he loves grandmothers for the sake of purity of the income statement of Sergey Arsentyev.




The pensioner Nadezhda Maremukha is a sister of Taubes Olga Vladimirovna, the mother of the wife of Sergey Arsentyev — to Maria Taubes. Nadezhda Maremukha adjoins as the founder together with Andrey Gorbunov in the liquidated LLC FORTUNA (INN 6315603476, activity of restaurants) and LLC Alfa (INN 6315610561, decisions of FTS on suspension of operations work). Which director of LLC Alfa is Valery Alexandrov — the seller of apartments in ZhK «ARGO» and Andrey Gorbunov's nephew.


I will remind that exactly thanks to LLC Alfa Andrey Gorbunov and Galina Arsentyeva passed by subsidiary responsibility according to obligations of LLC Sfinks (builder ZhK «ARGO»). In the register of requirements of creditors of LLC «Sfinks» also Taubes Maria, Sergey Arsentyev's wife wormed way. These circumstances hint at structure 196 Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (deliberate bankruptcy) of the controlling persons of LLC «Sfinks» for the purpose of avoiding execution of tax liabilities before the budget and also guarantee and other obligations to the deceived, offended and humiliated shareholders of ZhK «ARGO».


About joint business of Gorbunov with the respectable granny born in 1939, I will remind with a delicate hint again, that everything written down on the respectable grandmother has to be in the income statement of Sergey Arsentyev, but there is absent. It is quite normal for Russia, but can complicate obtaining the American visa that will force to burn money of shareholders among the family «Samara excrements».

And so, I ask Comrade Major from the Miami branch CIA, the NSA and State Department to pay special attention... The mother of the former first vice-mayor of Samara became the cofounder of the following legal entities in partnership with Andrey Gorbunov: LLC «Karavan» (INN 6315546500), LLC «SFINKS» (INN 6319071991), LLC «Victoria Construction Company» (INN 6316135728) and LLC «Roszelenkhoz» (INN 6315624998).

Andrey Gorbunov likes to do business with Sergey Arsentyev's wife. Together with Maria Taubes they founded LLC «Mifril» (INN 6315563015) and met in legendary LLC «Karavan» (INN 6315546500).

Maria Taubes, Nadezhda Maremukha and Galina Arsentyeva are participants in schemes of acondemnation of all-share property and apartment combinations. Inquisitive comrade Major will easily isolate standard schemes. That «comrades-Majores» did not look for long — I give references to cases No. 2-2146/2017, No. 33-10339/2017, No. 9-60/2013, and many others. I prepare the review of fraudulent schemes, I will demonstrate them soon. Thus, we fixate Arsentyev's and Gorbunov's indestructible communication. Now we will be engaged in search of agents of US State Department in the Samara region. Let's not be distracted by Anna-Maria's mother from Miami again. Everything is clear with Sergey Arsentyev's wife …



Let's begin with Nadezhda Maremukha, whose color preferences bring into indescribable delight.



On the following shot the Samara pensioner Nadezhda Maremukha tells her friends about how to wash windows in "our skyscraper" in Miami. Nadezhda diligently humiliates girlfriends with a geotag of Collins Ave, Sunny Isles Beach, FL 33160. It is elite hotel complex in the first line overlooking the sea. In general, Sunny Isles Beach people call «Small Moscow» because of abundance of Russians. Devil knows, what is meant by the pensioner Maremukha, perhaps, Arsentyev bought apartments there. I will find it out, sent inquiries.



It is possible to judge that Nadezhda Maremukha serves as the grandmother for Anna-Maria after death of the sister. Where the pensioner Maremukha has money for "our apartment" in Miami, is а rhetorical  question.


Now we will pass to the most «tasty information» - to friends of the personal enemy of Russian president Putin - Sergey Arsentyev and Andrey Gorbunov. There was a woman between Andrey Gorbunov and Sergey Arsentyev  — Ekaterina Gorbunova (in the girlhood — Pichkurova, on a photo — the second on the right).



To one she was a wife, to the second — the colleague from service in the Samara mayor's office of times of work of mayor Victor Tarkhov. Gorbunova was engaged in elections, unsuccessfully struggled with turns in child-gardens and schools, brought together five-thousand choruses from school students, participated in development of reserved lands of the Samara island Proran, mastered budgets on parks and schools, showed love for pancakes and the Russian people at Malakhov's TV-show. By the way, Ekaterina Gorbunova and Sergey Arsentyev close associated during that time with Dmitry Feoktistov, who sat on property questions in Samara, and was sat down on a zone after solving the same questions in Moscow area. There is a hypothesis that Feoktistov learned to be the bad boy before got to Moscow area.


After career ending and a divorce with Andrey Gorbunov, Ekaterina married Sergey Beglyarov (26.09.1960). The native of solar Baku in Soviet period worked in the sphere of military and technical cooperation, then in «Glavpropagandon» - Head department of external relations of Gosteleradio of the USSR. Probability, that he at the time of foreign service to the «Sovok» was not Petrov and Boshirov's colleague — turns to zero. Further, he either replaced the Homeland, or became the agent, well of very deep introduction.


For example, the husband of the Samara official took root to the personal enemy of Vladimir Putin — senator McCain, who is very much loved by Ekaterina Gorbunova. If who forgot, then here only one of quotes from McCain: «Vladimir Putin is an angry person, and he intends to make deeds of evil, including to destroy the liberal world order which was headed by the USA»… «We have to struggle with Vladimir Putin also resolutely, as he struggles with us. We will stop him when we cease to allow our disagreements to endanger the interests of our safety and integrity of our democracy» — senator claimed.



In 1992 this native of solar Baku, mentioned by us, was engaged in business, and in the 1995-th created the company in the USA and not bad earned, I believe, on deliveries of the American equipment to Russia. Friendship with the personal enemy of Putin did not prevent Beglyarov's company to receive works orders with communication lines of the Administration of Putin, «Oboronexport», the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and other supporters of autonomous «Cheburnet» in any way.

But there cannot be, that Russia at own expense applied McCain's ears to confidential networks. Or can? And suddenly Beglyarov is enlisted? With such partners from McCain we will not construct «cotton autonomous «Cheburnet»!

It is important to note that the former Soviet official Sergey Beglyarov became volterjyanets in 2011. Such conclusion can be drawn, if to read his interview to the «My Moscow» edition on the website of SK TELECOM Group. Sergey Beglyarov curses "regional elite" and corruption business, which is operated by relatives of regional officials. But the love is evil, and Beglyarov fell in love with Ekaterina Gorbunova - the best illustration to the sad sketch from life of our collective-farm elite. 




Time sorted things out. Masha Gorbunova, the general child of the enemy of the Samara shareholders Andrey Gorbunov and the Samara official Ekaterina Gorbunova, lives and studies in America. About such situation Sergey Beglyarov spoke in this way: "the problem lies in the morals plane. Unfortunately, large business, as well as at elite, that is officials of high level, has no sense of patriotism. It is enough to receive answers to several questions: "Where children study? Where the real estate is available? Where the capital is stored?" And all becomes clear …"

And what now think about Russia this aunt, who was going suit in Samara a crush remake on Khodynka, having brought together on a slope of Volga-river five thousand school students? I will maliciously remind that the pre-election sabbath for extension of a cut of the Samara budget by gang of team of Arsentyev, Tarkhova and Co. was her purpose. Nemtsov's portrait from McCain's office looks at Ekaterina Gorbunova reproachfully!


Now Ekaterina Gorbunova is a mocking russophob and the furious adhept of all American. From the pages of her Instagram she spits on all favourite, warm, gentle and such cotton for us. Well, unless it is so possible, Ekaterina Vladimirovna? Why this aunt does not suffer among the Samara shit, in which she was born? Where did watch US State Department, when it approved her Visa? Where is justice?




Andrey Gorbunov does not lose touch with the ex-wife's relatives, who remained so far in Russia. Consolidate cases, sometimes criminal. Let's walk on relatives of Ekaterina Gorbunova, who did not sail away to America yet, and prefers to work at public service in Russia.


Let's begin with Tatyana Georgiyevna (15.06.1953) Pichkurova — the mother of the voluntary agent of State Department Ekaterina Gorbunova. Tatyana Pichkurova worked at a position of the head of department of geodetic service of Department of construction and architecture of Administration of the urban district Samara. I believe that it is extremely important position for muddy schemes with a conclusion of the municipal earth in a private property. Whether or not Tatyana Pichkurova, was being responsible for the Samara parks with Ekaterina Gorbunova? And Andrey Gorbunov's property became a piece of the Country park of Samara? Surely?



Through Maria Viktorovna Pichkurova Ekaterina Gorbunova's mother is connected with LLC «SamaraGeostroy» (INN 631214043792), and is involved in criminal case on signs of the crime, provided by Article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. It is about frauds with the real estate in ZhK «ARGO». I will remind that in ZhK «ARGO» Gorbunov's nephew was engaged in sales, documents were issued in shopping Moll «Karavan» (such club of team of Tarkhov), and premises of substation it appeared in property of the sister of Andrey Gorbunov.

By the way, in Promyshlenny district of Samara, the new generation of agents of State Department, grows up: there are a young deputy Sergey Vladimirovich (07.06.1983) Pichkurov, the brother of American rusofobka-the patriot Ekaterina Gorbunova. He is a member of «United Russia», the member of Chamber of young legislators, and adjoins in Council of deputies of Promyshlenny district with the unsinkable colleague accomplice of Sergey Arsentyev, patriot of barbaric renovation of work in the mayor's office — Alexander Kamilyevich Burnayev.

I summarize: Nikolay Merkushkin was right! Samara was occupied by agents of US State Department. FSB needs to accept its message as a signal to action and to check the equipment of Sergey Beglyarov's company. What the friend of senator McCain put in the Presidential Property Management Department of the Russian Federation?

Concerning agents of State Department, who earned as officials of the mayor's office of Samara, and for years scoffed at shareholders, as builders on the land plots, being stolen at the city, I suggest to implement the «cashback» from Sergey Arsentyev's » project.

Further I am ready to head department of FSB on «study Maria Taubes's Instagram». Moving ahead from the comment to the comment and from the photo to the photo, we will find all agents of US State Department on the «main ground for experiments of the western intelligence agencies».


So we will win!