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Open letter to the Governor of the Tver region Igor Rudenya


Dear Igor Mikhaylovich,


I made journalistic investigation concerning the Tver glass plant. In article I told as well as who robbed the investor Yury Reviznikov, who invested 700 million rubles to the real sector of economy of the Tver region and created the glass plant, best in Russia.

For this truth the actual beneficiary of LLC TSZ Igor Radionov, who lives in Spain, promised to kill me and received control over the plant as a result of raider capture and premeditated bankruptcy, with connivance and, perhaps, support of law enforcement agencies and officials of the Tver region.

In this regard, I have to you two requests and one offer:

1. I ask you to find an opportunity to remind Igor Radionov that the 90th years behind and to suggest to give up a thought "to wash me blood" and to thrust "eggs into a mouth and the handle to the back" (quotes) and also to personally check excitement, investigation and transfer to court of criminal case under Article 119 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation ("Threat of murder"). I will note that Radionov made to me the personal cell phone, it was presented and, apparently, he is absolutely confident in the impunity or "support" from law enforcement agencies.

2. I ask you to organize check of activity of law enforcement agencies and officials of the Tver region which inaction product concerning events around LLC Tver Glass Plant, in my opinion, is this become impudent bandit. The victims wrote dozens of claims of the committed crimes (including murder and several attempted murders), but all of them drowned in the corruption swamp. The officials, security officers and judges connected by the relations (telephone negotiations, correspondence, the general business and so forth) with the person who is openly declaring determination to kill the opponent have to be discharged of posts. I hope that you agree with it, and the modern Russian legislation allows to obtain within criminal case this information absolutely justly.

3. I offer you together with me on the example of raider occupation and premeditated bankruptcy of LLC Tver Glass Plant to make open journalistic investigation and to open real mechanisms of "work with investors" in the Tver region. My investigation showed that the bandit with "simple methods" who for it openly threatens me with murder became the beneficiary of Tver Glass Plant. The plant with assets on three billion is made bankrupt for a debt in 300 thousand rubles, profit is withdrawn through fictitious trading houses, taxes and contributions to the pension fund are not paid. The arbitration judge Andrey Matveev a breast protects the receiver Dmitry Kabanov who is appointed raiders. The investor Yury Reviznikov is ruined and forced to disappear from police officers and bandits.

I believe that until from the tragedy by the investor Yury Reviznikov you do not draw conclusions, any investor to the Tver region can be ruined and killed by Igor Radionov and the related group of persons with "long hands" (the quote, see the transcript). In conclusion I will add that the investor Yury Reviznikov survived only by miracle, instead of him, probably by mistake, in a country house alive burned the father. 


In addition I report that I submitted the application to law enforcement agencies of Russia, Spain and Sweden as Mr. Radionov has the Swedish citizenship and lives at the moment in Spain.


1. Transcript and an audio recording of threat of murder from I. Radionov to V. Spiryagin

2. Video version: https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=Er6oURXbN0k

 August 30, 2017

Journalist Vladimir Spiryagin



Igor Radionov (I) and Vladimir Spiryagin (V) phone call which took place at the initiative of Radionov 30.08.2017


V - Hello.

I - Good afternoon.

V - Good afternoon, kind, I listen to you.

I - Is also Vladimir?

V - Yes. Vladimir.

I - And, well it is clear, it Igor Radionov disturbs you.

V - As how, did not understand?

I - did not understand, huh? Igor Radionov.

V - Very much, very pleasantly, it is just badly heard to me, with a background goes.

I - Can call back to you then?

V - Not, not normally. Just now down the street I go, my phone in the car rolled and therefore I did not hear all your calls simply.

I - Ugu. Well, I concerning your message to me and how to me it to treat in general, what is it, it as threat? Or that, what is it?

V - It is a reference to material, on the website Mosmonitor, and, about the Tver Glass Plant, in which I was engaged all summer, investigation on it there, was there several times in Tver, communicated with many so here I just sent result of the work to you. And plus to report that there will be a press conference in Moscow, I think in about one and a half weeks where I invited.

I - Me not absolutely, investigation and the courses of your investigation does not arrange,Vladimir, at all.

V - So you can speak it, understand as.

I - But not, but whether you thought that one morning you can wake up with the eggs in a mouth and with the handle in an ass to which you wrote it, my friend. What do you think about it?

V - Well as, it is threat, I think of you.

I - Well, of course, it is natural and how you thought? Yes, it is necessary to be protected somehow, to be protected somehow…

V - Well it that, that way by which it is necessary to be protected? There are lawful ways, go to court if it is slander, but in the same place there is no word of slander? I have documents.

I - Yes I not on am educated so much to go to court. My methods rectilinear from lawful very much. You, you it is aware, correctly?

V - Yes here I am aware that Morshchikov was gone, he is nowhere. He communicated with me, told that, that he was "Ordered", it he told.

I - Uuu, here so an ill luck. Here so ill luck. You see as. Do you look what things you can tell our law enforcement agencies you can open eyes on what, huh?

V - But he is absent.

I - I offer, look, I suggest you to curl up of course on all this, I do not know who you asked about it, but believe me, you not on the right track. You actually can have problems. I do not know, is not familiar with you, but very much would not like that innocent people suffered.

V - Well, I understood you, but business all that I already made that, I already work for absolutely other subjects, that is I so work hard years across all Russia and that? I work for other region yet now.

I - I understood. We are aware. Good. Well we just want to aware you about it, to report about it to you.

V – No, and the fact is that already everything, material came out, what else? More this subject is kind of not interesting to me. And in Tver I will not appear any more.

I - Listen to me attentively, Vladimir, here the fact that you mentioned Stockholm, Stockholm was mentioned by you, it is your biggest mistake. Believe me, you will wash blood. I promise it to you.

V - Well, thanks, you understand, thanks for prevention… who is warned…


I - Yes, yes, so you are on guard and you look now and, be more attentive therefore, therefore, I, I kind of on your first articles, on the second, third therefore thought kind of the person will be cut somehow, well I look not to stop, well there are methods a little bit others.

V - So is not present, here's the thing, you needed to contact me, to talk over, Pulyaeva hides from me, I phone am her I called, nobody came for contact.

I - And you who such that to contact you, you who such? What do you speak now about? It is yours, I so understand it your personal interest? There now, we now as with the individual to struggle with you, and we will be now, with slander, with slander. What way, a way what we will choose (laughs) now I do not even know, but I will try the most sophisticated, believe me, we for this purpose have opportunities, will try the most sophisticated therefore, therefore into the account of eggs in a mouth and the handle in an ass, I will try the words, kind of to bring. And Kulibaba you told, to whom he spoke, spoke to cops? To whom did he say that opportunities such are? So that here, such here affairs at us. There were you not on that way…

V - Not, well it is a pity that you did not communicate to me if you communicated, perhaps, approach there would be other on this case. I speak, nobody, nobody, not the Governor contacted me, nobody, I speak, I was there, bypassed all thresholds.

I - I am aware where you were, I am aware where you were. Not in it business, just I think that you somehow would need to think now, I to you still will make some call in couple of days, you think how to make some denial, or still something. Because, because, believe me, I will make every effort now that you were broken off.

V - Well how, it is possible, you in Spain, I in Russia?

I - And me and what we speak about, we have long hands, watched the movie? At us long hands… Not in it business, is not present barriers any, the 21st century, the 21st century what we speak about, you know how you and it will believe me, it is easy and simply, believe me if I do not see from you counter steps, I promise you that (an illegible phrase).

V - And you tell, counter steps in what has to consist? Just here did not understand what you specifically have?

I - the Denial, a denial now urgently you have to write, the demon confused, know as speak, the demon confused. You the person of a feather, know how to write. That it is better that people believed. Here give.

V - Well business all that there are mass media where it was published. I have a private opinion, huh? Mass media this a bit different, is already Mosmonitor and it is real mass media, they can not go to a denial various and so on because kind of.

I - Well you try Vladimir, you know what buttons it is necessary to press, well?

V - Well call then, in couple of days wanted? I will just not be some time, I think on Saturday I will be already on the place.

I - Yes what to me a difference when you are on the place?

V - I say that phone with me will not be. It will be switched-off, I with other phone will leave. And on Saturday I will appear and it will be included.

I - Vladimir, I advise you it is better to think not that place on which you sit, that ass, and the head therefore ooh as I somehow very strongly worry for you after all this, of course, I do not know. All right, good luck to you Vladimir! In your difficult life…

V - Thanks, to you too good luck. Goodbye.