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As the governor of the Tver region Igor Rudenya and his officials deceive and ruin investors

I sat in a reception of the Ministry of the industry of the Tver region and examined the investment portal of the region. The wall was followed by a meeting for the sake of which I passed one thousand miles, and to which I was not let. Slightly lop-sided building of the ministry cast a curve shadow on the district industry, but the portal revived belief. From pages of the portal the governor Rudenya promised the same, as his predecessors: "In the Tver region the most comfortable conditions for attraction of investments will be created". But to me it was trusted poorly. I traveled all over three cities, interviewed one hundred witnesses, wrote dozens of inquiries. Two months studied details of the tragedy of Yury Reviznikov, who believed the Tver officials, invested money here, and it appeared in a hole with hyenas. He was deceived, spat and ruined. Perhaps therefore, creators of the investment portal bashfully removed information about Yury Reviznikov and the Tver glass plant revived by it. I will restore justice. If the governor Rudenya does not lie and really wants to change a situation, then he has to realize to what hell he opens doors before investors.

"Move away this madman, he nobody here!"

The Tver glass plant was considered as a leader of the glass industry of the 69th region. In the market it is known as FPG "Geleksi Euroglass". Before raider capture by the enterprise the St. Petersburg businessman Vladimir Kulibaba and the ex-co-owner of "Continent bank" Sergey Antimenko owned. Yury Reviznikov, the successful trader of Russobank was the third partner investor. Thanks to its investments the plant came to 15 million bottles monthly. The most part of the glass industry of the region laid down on a bottom and only Reviznikov's investments brightened up a sour picture. The region received taxes from the plant, there were hundreds of jobs, TSZ replaced an import container on Tver. The governor it is noisy self-promoted on progress of TSZ. Affairs went not bad and partners decided to construct the second turn of the plant. Yury Reviznikov invested nearly 700 million rubles, the missing sum gathered additionally the bank credits under personal guarantees. Bought the latest western equipment and started the production, best in Russia, of the decorated bottle.

Exhibition stand of LLC Tver Glass Plant


The products of the Tver glass plant got dozens of gold medals at the All-Russian exhibitions.


However land coordination with officials dragged on, and at launch the state brought down economy again. Together with it the market of a glassware "collapsed". It is possible to consider it commercial risks of the investor, but we know that who is guilty. Incompetence federal and local "effective managers" sharply reduced Reviznikov's chances of return of investments.

Exactly when at the investor Reviznikov problems began, around him ritual dances with tambourines stopped. Reviznikov already also did not dream of fast return of investments. Happy and provided life, earnest money in reliable offshore – all behind. It appeared in a trap of which never will be able to jump out any more. The Tver government ceased to help subsidies. The plant tried to receive them through court, but it is vain. Buyers paid badly, payment schedules on the credits were broken, delays of salaries began. In the country the crisis raged. Workers brought hungry children into a director's office of LLC TSZ of Dmitry Morshchikov and demanded salary.

Instead of the support promised by the governor on the plant a chain publicans, inspectors and prosecutors stretched. Morshchikov and Reviznikov gave to workers personal money. Arrest of Vladimir Kulibaba who was accused of the order of murder of the director of the St. Petersburg security agency became a last straw. In a couple of years he was completely acquitted, but he had already no relation to the plant. As well, as investor Reviznikov. Somehow time he arrived to the plant, and he was just not let to a threshold. In the address the investor heard: "You who such? Move away this madman, he nobody here!". Grabbing heart, Reviznikov ran to check documents, but he was late. The perimeter of the plant, the settlement account and the enterprise were controlled by raiders. The phase of an «okhmureniye» and high-ranking promises in stylistics of the investment portal ended. To the government of the Tver region was to spit on the fate of the investor.

There was an investor, there was a derelict

Reviznikov's way from bravura press conferences with the governor to poverty passed in two stages. The first, guaranteeing poverty, is investment into the Tver region. The second, guaranteeing poverty, this signing of the personal guarantee on the credits. Having taken these two steps, he turned into the victim which is reliably recorded in a trap for further robbery.

You judge, steadily working company feeds the budget with taxes, the employees salary and owners profit. What sense in such asset for the Tver corrupt officials and swindlers? Any. When Reviznikov was left without Greek-Roman "roof" of the fighter Kulibaba, his robbery became only a matter of time. So the fiefdom of the governor Rudenya is arranged. For defenseless investors it is more aggressive than sulfuric acid.

The economic crisis and nervous situation in the plant forced Reviznikov to penetrate into operations management. He began with audit and revealed plunders on purchases and sales. The begun to see clearly investor asked to regain control over situation of the acquaintance Dmitry Morshchikov. This young and ambitious politician entered Dmitry Rogozin's environment and released him from a duty of the Chairman of presidium of NPO Rodina.


Dmitry Morshchikov (the third at the left) was Dmitry Rogozin's successor in NPO Rodina


Follows from my talk with Morshchikov and Kulibaba that the plunders revealed by auditors inevitably conducted to the conflict with future raiders. But the "adverse party" caught by a thievish hand worked on anticipation and … stole the plant.

Vladimir Kulibaba and Dmitry Morshchikov unanimously claim that raider occupation of "The Tver glass plant" was planned by the lawyer of the plant Evgenia Pulyaeva. She was patronized by Igor Radionov who was performing in Tver control functions on behalf of Kulibaby and betrayed the chief as soon as at that problems began. From the former list of founders there was only Sergey Antimenko who provided sales and therefore it was vital to raiders.

Radionov used the counterfeit power of attorney and threw out the Belize offshore company of Reviznikov SLEEPWELL INVESTMENTS INC from founders.


The decision, fatal for the investor Reviznikov, from this point its investments began to live independently from it and belonged to raiders.


Soon behind a board there was also Vladimir Kulibaba. Reviznikov's attempts to achieve justice ended with a failure. Nothing the investor was helped by the governor. One business - to lean against strangers merits and to be praised as the before the president. And here to be engaged in real support of the investor and to save him from raiders, security officers and the officials is quite another matter. Not governor's.

The plant ceased to pay on the credits, and banks filed a lawsuit against bankruptcy of guarantors. Now the investor Reviznikov not only forgot to dream of profit on invested funds. He gave to banks the last trousers and passed to underground situation.

Attempts to achieve initiation of criminal proceedings ended with the fact that on Yury Reviznikov and Dmitry Morshchikov made attempts. In the history appeared and the first dead - "unknown persons" passed from threats to business and alive burned the father Reviznikov, most likely, having mixed with the son. It is only a little bit of criminal episodes which accompanied raider occupation of LLC TSZ.

While the investor Yury Reviznikov gave the last trousers to police officers, the raider Igor Radionov fell in love with chic, a glamour and expensive suits.


If does not change my memory, then the investment portal of the Tver region does not warn that for investments you not only will be ruined, but can be killed. On behalf of investors I will dare to ask the governor Rudenya to make so that in the Tver region the investors about it were honestly warned "ashore" or as option, did not be killed at all.

Behind TSZ fence: way of the swindler to prosperity

The scheme of robbery of the investor Reviznikov is simple as blow by scrap. Igor Radionov's friend and the ex-director of LLC TSZ Vladimir Sedov allegedly borrows to own plant of 300 thousand rubles. In few months Sedov files a lawsuit against bankruptcy of LLC TSZ. Here an ill luck, the plant could not return to the director 300 thousand rubles! At that time at the plant was under 30 million profit and on three billion assets, and here 300 thousand did not scrape up. Like, tax specialists of the account blocked, wanted to pay and could not. Sedov ruthlessly files a lawsuit against bankruptcy of the native plant and soon the enterprise is controlled through the receiver Dmitry Arkadyevich Kabanov.

By this moment also "creditor" ripened. The serving sentence for murder of mother Anton Vasilyev, without going beyond a zone, founded LLC Capital group. Soon the illegitimate company was acquired by the lawyer of LLC TSZ Evgenia Pulyaeva. The extraordinary woman was born in the Bryansk guerrilla forests in the settlement of Seltso.

Not so long ago she came to get a job to LLC TSZ for the salary of 30 thousand rubles. By simple manipulation with fictitious debts of LLC Capital group reached a dominant position in the register of requirements of creditors. For the investor Reviznikov there the place was not, but also it confused nobody. Was late banks began to clap wings, but the train already left. Raiders put the managing director and surrounded the plant with dozens of fictitious trading houses. I speak with confidence about fictitiousness as I personally went round all their addresses. There are no trading houses unless in the form of the seals in accounts department of LLC TSZ or at the citizen Pulyaeva. The territory of the plant is protected by PSF Sfinks-T. Its owner is that ruthless creditor and the ex-director Vladimir Sedov. Coincidence? I don't think so.

Whether it should be added that the scandalous impudence and negligence in technology of execution of capture is possible only in a situation of protection raiders from the Tver officials and security officers. It is explained by the fact that the investor Reviznikov would try to obtain return of investments and the credits. He has nothing and there is no need to pay men in uniform. Radionov, Pulyaeva, Sedov, Antimenko and others – another matter, they receive an excess profit from the plant stolen from the investor by Radionov, they did not make the investments therefore it is possible and it is necessary to share with corrupt officials. The investment portal of the Tver region is silent also about this nuance, but we know, how are you are in real life. I will habitually note that the governor Rudenya needs or to change this mean rule, or honestly about it to write on pages of the investment portal.

Evgenia Pulyaeva, lawyer of LLC TSZ and sudden leader of the register of requirements of creditors of LLC TSZ. At the salary of 30 thousand rubles bought from the criminal A. Vasilyev of LLC Capital group and "was ahead" of the investor and creditors. Urozhenitsa of the settlement of Seltso of the Bryansk region.


Reviznikov is robbed, Morshchikov is dead, and Rudenya waits for new investors?

So, raiders got rid of the investor and creditors, but there was an unpleasant need in payment of taxes and contributions to social funds. The task was solved by establishment of ten new "dummies" - trading houses with which the receiver Dmitry Kabanov paid off clearing. On the account of the plant only means for payment of salaries appeared. All the rest is mastered by fictitious benches with directors from small criminals, students and other face values. Kabanov does not pay the pension fund too, LLC TSZ following the results of 2015 in a top of official rating of debtors of RPF.

Moreover, on gray schemes from the VAT LLC TSZ underpaid more than 100 million taxes, at the same time still managed illegally to collect the VAT. After dozens of statements in law enforcement agencies, FTS submitted the application, and proceedings were initiated. There are no persons involved in it, suspect, as will not appear for percent 10-20 from the specified sum.

By so simple manipulations the raiders not only reaped the fruits of investments and Reviznikov's works. Bankruptcy allowed them to save itself from payments for the credits, "to save" on taxes, payments in social funds, and also to cease to postpone funds for repair of the main asset – the glass-making furnace. In the next Spirovo there was identical history, swindlers took the credits, squeezed out all resource of the furnace and were gone after it spilled. The furnace was a nursing mother for all Spirovo, the past, the present and the future was connected only with it. It spilled, and the settlement appeared on the verge of extinction. On a similar way there is a receiver Kabanov and raiders who appointed it. Why to swindlers to invest money in expensive repair, it is much more pleasant to stuff them into pockets.

This situation completely suits officials of the government of Rudenya. The minister of the lop-sided Ministry of the industry by last name Tankov so also wrote me supposedly everything well, the great marchioness. The investor is robbed, banks are thrown, the furnace will burn through soon and only at the minister Tankov everything is good. Strange, mr. governor Rudenya, isn't it?

The governor and officials perfectly knew that Yury Reviznikov invested the money in creation of the glass production, best in Russia. As the slap in the face to common sense looks bankruptcy of a three-billion asset for 300 thousand rubles from the ex-director and current security guard Sedov. From Reviznikov and Morshchikov's statements who acts as the authorized representative of Reviznikov the local security officers knew about "founder" - the criminal of LLC Capital group, fictitious transactions and sudden "creditor" from the settlement of Seltso - the lawyer of LLC TSZ Evgenia Pulyaeva. And all this occurs against the background of death of the father and attempt at Reviznikov and Morshchikov's life. One of them without budging from a place sits in the last, to the apartment which is not selected by police officers yet, and Morshchikov in general somehow suddenly was gone the second week. Called me, shared news, complained that it is forced to disappear from bandits, and suffered for a generous impulse in the form of signing of personal guarantees before banks. The last time it told that he managed to transfer the reference for the Minister of Internal Affairs Kolokoltsev, and criminal case against raiders will move a little soon. Said that the Tver police officers are bought by raiders, and the conversation with them does not make sense. At the end he reported that on it and Reviznikov "order" which "walks" among bandits is placed. Then Morshchikov suddenly was gone. Whether the order for Dmitry Rogozin's successor is executed?


The furnace full of holes in Tver and "the bleached anus" in Stockholm

Let's distract from suspicions that the minister of the government of the governor Rudenya covers activity of raiders, and we will be set to rhetorical questions: "What was made by the Tver region for rescue of the investor Reviznikov"? About the investment portal I do not remember as it is not ridiculous any more. Otherwise as it is impossible to call its contents mockery and a lie, dangerous to the capital and life of investors.

Judge. Degree of indifference of officials to the fate of the investor can be compared only to neglect which was expressed by raiders to officials. A month ago upon the demand of creditors of LLC TSZ the meeting to which invited the receiver was organized. But Dmitry Kabanov was too busy. Before communication with security officers, creditors and officials the young man did not condescend. And nothing for it happened to it. Also Evgenia Pulyaeva did not come to a meeting. She does not disappear, goes on vessels, on "a blue eye" says herself in the register of requirements of creditors, communicates with the judge in the case of bankruptcy of LLC TSS Andrey Matveev. The judge claimed in a conversation with me that the relations with Pulyaeva are not beyond office, and here all-knowing Dmitry Morshchikov was sure that these relations are much deeper. Did not hold a candle … I trust the judge Matveev, he in a cloak, he cannot lie. And the fact that he is year as considers the requirement of FTS to discharge the receiver Dmitry Kabanov – so it just coincidence, the relations with Pulyaeva here at anything.

Stephanie Radionova from Stockholm kind of shows to the investor Reviznikov the anus bleached for his money


Whether from means of the Tver investor Reviznikov this Swedish anal whiteness is paid? I can assume that the means stolen from Reviznikov will settle in offshore of Mr. Radionov, for example in Belize. Exactly from there they were transferred to Russia by our trustful hero.

It would be beautiful: money to the Tver region left Belize, and to Belize returned. I am absolutely sure that the raider Radionov will not make the investor Reviznikov mistake and does not invest Russia. He precisely knows the cost of "services" of local security officers and the price to empty promises of the governor Rudenya.

The raider Radionov will not return money to Tver and will remain happy

Stringer Vladimir Spiryagin