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Maksatikhinsky district of the Tver region has gloomy reputation: dead villages, the trashed rivers, the sewer stench which is felled trees, plywood bankrupt plant and the small town of Maksatikha at it. For the last few years here: the deputy head on property hung himself, in administration set off a grenade, and the chairman of settlement Council of deputies shot the wife and shot itself. The governor Igor Rudenya announced deification of opposition of district elite and finding of demolition men, but guilty persons are not punished in three years.


Life in Maksatikha is cyclic. The only city boiler house was transferred from fuel oil on production wastes of the made bankrupt woodworking plant - crude sawdust. Fuel oil – the road, and there is no gas here. Since then Maksatikha annually freezes: upon the demand of the prosecutor, schools, kindergardens and hospitals, all live are closed the revolt freezes and begins.

When it comes to rating and federal scandal, the governor Igor Rudenya threatens to return communications to treasury again. The district prosecutor stamps legs, peasants knock teeth, the budget pays. And there lives the depressive area the third decade in a row - choking, freezing and using foul language, - since the city-forming enterprise and Administration of Maksatikha was made bankrupt by the local deputy, the owner "Timber industry holding Interles Alexey Salnikov. This person is close to the ex-governor Dmitry Zelenin and long time directed the local reception Plenipotentiary Representative solemnly open at office of salnikovsky holding "Interforest". Among his business partners there is a producer of "Nautilius Pompilius" Boris Agrest who became famous for a divorce with the wife Zhanna Kremen and the daughter Alice Ustinova – the "disposable" supplier of Gazprom.

The maksatikhinets interviewed by me have no doubts concerning the identity of "the owner of the area". After the next holodomor, tax specialists found at salnikovsky supplier of heat of LLC Personal Computer Teploenergosbyt dozens of tax violations which essence comes down to overestimate of prime cost through fictitious document flow with firms laying. At the same time there took place "blamestorming session" in maksatikhinsky court where Alexey Salnikov's employees in paints painted structure of his holding consisting of offshore holders of assets and ten firms laying which accumulate debts to the budget, inhabitants and power engineering specialists and then merge. A result of these revelations recorded by vessels having character of pre-judiction – zero. Again the prosecutor's office drowsily murmured: "In an economic component of a housing-and-municipal complex of the area there was a standard technology of causing property harm to subjects of resource provisioning long ago - by expenditure of the money placed by citizens for utilities. Then procedures of bankruptcy as a way of avoiding responsibility are used. The municipal enterprises also were involved in such schemes". Condemned only the nominal director Sergey Filippov, and Salnikov replaced laying and everything returned into place.

I will note that the charm of work of professional swindlers with professional arbitrazhnik is that they always have a high chance to hold a problem situation in the plane of the arbitration right and not to pass into much more dangerous – criminal. The police in bankrupt affairs understand no more, than a pig in oranges. And only FTS shows more or less positive trend in protection of interests of the state in difficult bankrupt procedures. Chances of law enforcement authorities and tax specialists in separate procedures are extremely low, and to see a situation in general, even in the presence of one hundred available and open primary sources – nobody is capable in general.

However an exit from a vicious circle is. For this purpose it is only necessary to understand how profitable and bankrupt business of Alexey Salnikov is arranged and to use modern practice – prosecution of the controlling faces of the debtor. And Salnikov's holding lives on credit the third decade.

                                                            Offshore god of the boiler house

In the 2000th years Alexey Salnikov invited to the management of the area the team of lawyers and receivers - Vyacheslav Eliferov, Dmitry Kurochkin, Nikita Popov, Andrey Ryzhov, Irina Shabelnaya, Yury Sineoky and dozen other characters who in public space acted on behalf of NP Interregional Legal Department, "Business and the right of the PPB" and LLC MayDay. In the Tver region the team became famous for dashing "development" of means of SMP Bank, Bank Rossiya, Sberbank and "VTB Bank". The billion credits irrevocably were gone in the course of bankruptcies of the Konakovo faience plant, the glass plant Vostek, "The central automobile pawnshop" and hundreds of other companies which procedures of bankruptcies these vigorous and talented people managed.


For example, before emergence of team of Vyacheslav Eliferov 5 thousand people worked at the city-forming Konakovo faience plant. Nowadays from the plant there were mountains of construction debris, office centers, small-scale handicraft work and the thrown project of construction of shopping center on its place. The SMP Bank (brothers Rotenberg) and Bank Rossiya (having reputation of "Putin's bank") had imprudence to credit Popov and Eliferov's companies. As a result bankers lost money in muddy and infinitely long procedures of bankruptcy which on improbable combination of circumstances kept the participant of one of borrowers – the judge Irina Shabelnaya from Interregional Legal Department non-profit partnership. The fate of the city-forming plant Vostek from which at all nothing remained, except the people and bankers who are whipping the cat left to the mercy of fate is more tragic. Leaders of collective Nikita Popov and Dmitry Kurochkin went to the personal operated bankruptcy and showed to creditors a high class of possession of procedural nuances.

Nikita Popov and the receiver Andrey Ryzhov who on behalf of the company broadcast about technologies of bankruptcy on air of TV channel Russia direct the Mayday team. Schemes of a fabrication of debts for control over bankruptcy are banal and well described on the website "Mayday". Receivers Yury Sineoky, Anjelica Zhirekhina (bankrupt), Ekaterina Golubovich, Anna Prokhorenko, Pavel Tarasov, Alexander Litovchenko, Nargiz Abdullaeva, Anton Ermilin and Oksana Shitik are the main part of group. Earlier, prior to the conflict with Alexey Salnikov, the former friend of Popov - the receiver Vyacheslav Eliferov – the director of the only boiler house of Maksatikha, the ex-director of Konakovo Faience Plant, then the head of Maksatikhinsky district, and nowadays the director of the largest contractor of the budget of the Tver region – LLC TV-Region entered into group. The most part of the Meidei team consists in UrSO AU and Dostoyaniye WOW Association. Are busy with collecting assets from different procedures charming Ekaterina Kim - the common-law wife of Nikita Popov, and Ekaterina Golubovich. Legal support is provided by Evgenia Vasilyeva (classmate Popova), Lyubov Vysotskaya, Olga Pushkina, Vadim Zhirkov, Natalya Plyasenko and Anna Vorotilina. The last two ladies were cofounders of NP Interregional Legal Department together with the judge of Arbitration court of the Tver region Irina Shabelna who appears in all brightest episodes of activity of LLC MayDay, and earlier was the employee of the infamous Tver bankrupt from housing and public utilities - LLC Tverteplo. The figure of the bankrupt Dmitry Kurochkin, the chairman of the board of NP Interregional Legal Department, the chairman of the board of directors of JSC Konakovo Faience Plant and the cofounder of "The central automobile pawnshop" which is liquidated for numerous violations upon the demand of the Bank of Russia unites practically all large procedures.

The analysis hundreds of procedures of bankruptcy of team of Popov allows to allocate dozen legal entities which closely wander from one register of requirements of creditors in another. It is possible to assume surely that behind such "coincidence" there are fictitious debts, classification and technology of creation and fight against which is intelligibly stated on the website of LLC MayDay. Methods of falsification of debts are old and reliable as blow by scrap. Two formally independent firms without excess debate have legal proceedings, recognize a debt and receive the court order. This debt join in the register of requirements of creditors and push out conscientious creditors from there. Also debts MUPov to affiliated suppliers for fictitious repairs and supply of fuel are drawn. Vigorous commercial participants of bankrupt processes still can resist to such receptions, and tax specialists, power engineering specialists, prosecutors, municipals and bankers who have no melkougolovny skills of a forgery of loan agreements backdating, of motivated employees and the budget for examinations, – as a rule, are wiped and take in RTK the place in a corner for losers. The interests of these categories long for this reason in absolute majority of procedures of LLC MayDay, including even banks with the special informal status like JSC Russia Bank, Sberbank and SMP Bank.

One more line uniting the Mayday procedures – services of organizers of the trading of LLC RED and LLC Mezhregionalnaya elektronnaya torgovaya sistema. By LLC RED it is registered in the half-ruined barrack to Konakovo provided by Nikita Popov's company – LLC Forsan which became famous for impudent plunder of inclinations (criminal case No. 11701280011000470) and absurd requirements (formulation of OFAS) to bidders. The most part of the companies is registered in one address with NP MPU (Tver, Serebryanaya 12), on ruins of the Konakovo faience plant (Konakovo, Kalinin Square 3) or in premises of CJSC RSU Losinka (Moscow, Startovaya St. 1). Most the companies of Nikita Popov and Andrey Ryzhov consist of the address and the director and are extraordinary active in the arbitration interaction.

The retrospective analysis of projects of the Mayday team makes quite clear interrelation of key members and cast in fight for registers of requirements of creditors and assets. Against so thought over children, legally competent and equipped with rich tools, at sneaks, police officers, banks and creditors, unprepared to war, – chances nearly zero. To what does conduct lack of teeth of police, prosecutors and sneaks in fight against debt falsifiers? The example dying out, freezing, poor, rolling in garbage and excrements of Maksatikha - is ideal. Behind each problem – the bankrupt enterprise and suspiciously often flashing familiar surnames of Ryzhov, Popova, Sineoky, Zhirekhina and other girls and guys from LLC MayDay. It will be interesting to residents of poor Maksatikha to learn how money which thanks to Popov, Ryzhov, Sineoky and to other specialists from "Mayday", they pay Alexey Salnikov for crude sawdust and rotten water are plundered.


                                                   Feudal and municipal hell



Approximately since 2003 Alexey Salnikov, Nikita Popov and Andrey Ryzhov implement the general project in Maksatikha which essence comes down to parasitizing at the expense of the interests of the population, ecology, the budget and power engineering specialists. At the heart of the procedure – deduction of key assets (the woodworking plant, communications, the boiler house, clearing) and control of MUPami which collect payments for the communal flat. Between asset holders of assets and consumers technical laying which accumulates debts to power engineering specialists, tax specialists and suppliers are built in then change names and the addresses, then go bankrupt and change on the new laying registered on employees and authorized representatives Salnikov and Boris Agrest. Practically all employees of Alexey Salnikov have an additional labor service on nominal directorship and a deputatstvo. Do not you trust? Visit the website of Maksatikhinsky district court and read the decision on criminal case No. 1-1/2013, the resolution on case A66-7095/2014 and the statement of the nominal director of one of Alexey Salnikov's companies for involvement of the boss to subsidiary responsibility.

The systemacity with which entangle network of bankrupt procedures attracts attention. The former nominal director of the maksatikhinsky boiler house of Alexey Salnikov - Vyacheslav Eliferov took the place of the head of Maksatikhinsky district, Yury Sineoky became the head of the made bankrupt administration of Maksatikha, Andrey Ryzhov undertook bankruptcy of MKU Municipal Unitary Enterprise, Anjelica Zhirekhina - GKS Municipal Unitary Enterprise, Nikita Popov – bankrupted city-forming "Maksatikhinsky woodworking plant", Pavel Tarasov - MUMPKH. Half-dead MUPy were made bankrupt by firms of Agrest-Salnikov-Popov. They collect payments of the population, distribute to their subcontractors Salnikov, and through prosecutor's office extort from local power engineering specialists the guaranteed electrical supplies as the structures supplying with heat of hospital, school and kindergartens.

Cases of bankruptcies steadily and absolutely accidentally (smile) got to the judge Irina Shabelnoya who up to 2018 was registered as the cofounder of NP Interregional Legal Department. The sewer economy got to MUPy, and Salnikov and Eliferov's companies who earn from leasing of the sewerage, boiler houses, fuel supply, uncountable repair work which were easily drawn up and were not especially checked became "subchik". The analysis of holding of Salnikov-Agrest shows that the most part of the companies is registered in business center "Altufyevsky", at office of the authorized representative of Boris Agrest – the citizen of Israel Alexander Radostin. Many companies have the general phones and group of the directors and founders flowing from one legal person to another. Salnikov's companies, as a rule, finish the muddy life with bankruptcy performed by arbitrazhnik from LLC MayDay. Accounts of the company were opened in "The Russian international bank", affiliated with Boris Agrest, which was headed by the musician Alexey Kurochkin from the Allegro group. It strummed on a hole in 12 billion rubles which we close from our taxes. Kurochkin prefers to communicate with the Russian investigators from America, in the comfortable mode.


                                        The recipe of an outcome from the bankrupt khanate

Today battle of officials and power engineering specialists with Alexey Salnikov's laying looks frankly ridiculously. To judges of refined legal disputes I recommend to address criminal case file No. 1-16/2018 of the receiver of GX Municipal Unitary Enterprise Anjelica Zhirekhina. Her prosecutor Dolgintsev tried to appoint "a kozlitsa of remission" for environmental disaster and "an invincible fecal fountain" worth 300 million rubles which the third year floods with poisonous stinking slush Maksatikha and the rivers of the Tver region. He began with terrible charge on the website of administration of Maksatikha where painted mortal sins of Zhirekhina and promised 5 years of penal servitude, and finished with shameful defeat in a dispute with the judge on contents of an invincible fecal fountain. No, joking apart, the judge and the prosecutor in all seriousness discussed structure of "an invincible fecal fountain" and the prosecutor lost. For environmental disaster and sufferings of the people poisoned with miasmata and worms - nobody is punished. The speech about punishment really guilty and about recovery of damages seriously does not go as the Ministry of ecology of the Tver region bites in court of municipal unitary enterprise which founder is the Administration of Maksatikha. That is it is possible to collect in favor of the budget only from the budget, and Zhirekhina already the bankrupt.

However the way out is as Popov's team got bogged down in criminal case of LLC RED where children and girls from LLC MayDay reached the peak of impudence. Extremely interestingly criminal case which was processed by the operative Anjelica Zhirekhina's husband, concerning the building on Mayakovsky 31 in the city of Konakovo where LLC RED was registered. The technology of its transition to the property of group is painted in materials of an arbitration case, but thanks to the operative Sergey Nikolaevich Zhirekhin, actions of friends of his wife did not receive assessment within the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. The third criminal case at the prosecutor Dolgintsev, in which hands 300 million damage to the nature and the inhabitants of Maksatikha rolling in excrements.

From Rudenya it is only required to instruct to punish and collect damage not from whipping boys on duty, and the controlling persons. In recent years such practice at the suggestion of FTS settled as people at us – the second oil and tax specialists are interested "to get" fat beneficiaries, but not lean face values. Concerning Alexey Salnikov such call already sounded, his former employee Sergey Filippov demanded to exact from the boss five million rubles in the case of bankruptcy of LLC Teploenergosbyt Production Company. A similar claim is submitted concerning Nikita Popov and Andrey Ryzhov in the case of plunder of inclinations on the auction of property of CJSC RSU Losinka. It is not less interesting to investigate Boris Agrest's role as in criminal case about plunder of 12 billion from "Russian of the international bank" which is so loved by his partner – Alexey Salnikov. From the USRLE unambiguously follows from the judgment on Sergey Filippov's business and information that at least an inner circle and Boris Agrest's partners are densely connected with Alexey Salnikov's business in Maksatikha.

Even more unclear questions – as were established tariffs for services of GKS Municipal Unitary Enterprise and MKS Municipal Unitary Enterprise? And if to decisions on case A66-7095/2014 (FTS against LLC PK Teploenergosbyt) fixed theft of funds of the population by numerous "laying", and the scheme of rotation of "laying" and face values is painted in the decision on criminal case of Sergey Filippov then why the Regional power commission and law enforcement agencies stays idle? Who will return to people the money stolen from them? Where attempts of the valorous prosecutor Dolgintsev to return the plundered means, including an investment component of a tariff which had to go for updating of treatment facilities and the new boiler house? Or here a good question - why in defiance of Part 1 of Article 9 of the Federal law of 07.12.2011 No. 416-FZ "About Water Supply and Water Disposal" of communication appeared in private hands? I will repeat – it is about extremely painful problem, decades the city chokes in stinking evaporations and freezes, the whole houses sink in the swamp from excrements, and the prosecutor has no time and an opportunity to take ready decisions from open sources to collect damage from perpetrators. All known and not considering it necessary to disappear.

Questions the prosecutor's office can put much, but does not put. Here, for example - why the Administration of Maksatikha which imitates attempts of return of communications to treasury more so inertly behaves, than really tries to make it? Why Alexey Salnikov's deputy – Alexander Agapov who froze Maksatikha more than once and brought to bankruptcy previous GKS Municipal Unitary Enterprise and did not transfer to the receiver Anjelica Zhirekhina documents on the basis of which debt to Salnikov's companies was created is appointed to new municipal MUPy the director? Why he is not brought to subsidiary responsibility and successfully leads to bankruptcy of KOMMSERVICE Municipal Unitary Enterprise? What did criminal case in the Bezhetsk MSO SU IC RF on the Tver region which in 2014 was checked by legality of a sale of GKS Municipal Unitary Enterprise of municipal property end with? What did office investigation concerning the current head of the district and the former militiaman Konstantin Paskin end with? Why the new modular boiler house is removed in a reserve, and Alexey Salnikov's boiler house puffs on crude sawdust? Who, by the way, threw a grenade to the Administration building in the middle of Alexey Salnikov's conflict and Vyacheslav Eliferov who rose against it three years ago? And with what investigation by Investigative Committee of case against Yury Sineoky in a scandal story with sale to Salnikov's structures of hostels together with people ended? I think that investigators should visit in JSC Russia Bank, SMP Bank, Sberbank and VTB which suffered from activity of vigorous team of Nikita Popov and will share the pain with pleasure. The status banks having reputation oho-ho-ho of what lobbyists will turn out, were wiped in fight against the Tver arbitrazhnik. The fate of inspection which was carried out according to the statement of JSC Atomenergosbyt concerning GKS Municipal Unitary Enterprise by the Department of Internal Affairs of the Tver region OMVD of Russia on Konakovo district is not less interesting. They cannot disconnect the municipal enterprises under the leadership of Andrey Ryzhov and Anjelica Zhirekhina, but also could not receive the money. Moreover, Alexey Salnikov's company of LLC Alternativa bit off a piece of network economy and came to the Supreme Court in impudent attempt to exact from power engineering specialists 30 million rubles for transit. Not less amusing episode with illegal connection of other firm of Salnikov in the territory of treatment facilities and an invincible fecal fountain. Follows from the judicial act that the damage is 15 million rubles. Whether it was succeeded to exact them? Who organized insert? Who is punished? I believe that the investigation rolled in ooze too, but with governor's will to aggregate materials of checks and to identify the controlling persons of a system of Agrest-Salnikov-Popov special will be not difficult.

If to add to business of operational accounting a sentence on criminal case of Sergey Filippov, materials of check of FTS concerning LLC Personal Computer Teploenergosbyt and materials of the mentioned affairs, then it is possible - though tomorrow to bring new criminal cases on the whole bouquet of heavy criminal articles. Considering that exaggerated debts to pocket creditors take the place of conscientious creditors, including FTS, criminal qualification of rough activities for cashing in of municipal money from pockets of poor residents of Maksatikha - is represented quite obvious. Within the criminal code also activities for system accumulation by "laying" of debts on the rent and power engineering specialists with the subsequent discharge through bankruptcy or "moving" to loyal tax can receive assessment. On my taste it Article 303 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (forgery), 196 Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (deliberate bankruptcy), 159 Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (fraud) and 210 Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (establishing a criminal organization). Quite so made in the Arkhangelsk region where children and girls from LLC MeyDey cover withdrawal of swindlers from LLC Solovki Elektrosbyt. Years of a holodomor ended as soon as the director and the founder received a sentence under 159 Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

In hands of the governor Igor Rudenya real opportunity to achieve initiation of criminal proceedings under the Article 210 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (establishing a criminal organization) and to collect from beneficiaries of bankrupt schemes damage for environmental disaster and decades of feudal and municipal hell.


I ask to consider my article the statement in UFSB, Prosecutor's office and Investigative Committee of the Tver region.